Children’s Place offers special classes daily from 11:00 – 11:30. Currently, we offer music, Spanish, movement, and Sign Language.  These classes meet once a week.

In music, the children sing songs and are taught basic musical notation using the Kodaly method.  In addition, they have experiences playing Orff instruments.  Movement is also included with echo clapping, square dancing and creating accompaniments to various songs.

Spanish focuses on greetings, colors, numbers, body parts, common nouns, and simple commands.

Movement gives the children an opportunity to expend energy and practice gross motor skills.  We also do yoga which encourages the children to calm their bodies and minds with steady breathing while learning to hold poses that stretch their bodies.

Sign Language gives the children an understanding of movements that help them communicate non verbally.  Simple requests, (I need to use the bathroom, please walk, sit quietly, etc.) feelings, (I am happy, sad, angry, tired, etc.) and nouns (friend, father, mother, teacher, etc.) help the children communicate their needs to friends and teachers.  Signing songs is another activity the children enjoy in Sign Language.

In addition to the mid-day classes, the children meet daily from 3:30 – 4:00 to enjoy singing and prepare for our performances in December and June.  Our performances allow the children to learn to present themselves to an audience, develop confidence, and promote leadership.

Arts and crafts is also a part of our program, but not through a separate class. There is an art area is each classroom that encourages the children to explore a variety of media (paint, clay, crayon, pastels, glue, cutting, creating collages) and an art area in the multipurpose room that provides opportunities for “temporary creations” focusing on assembling a creation that will be disassembled at the end.  Crafts such as paper casting, stamping, embossing, pottery, and felting are also a part of the curriculum, but are usually utilized in making special projects for celebrations.  Baking cookies using cutters, stamps and other techniques is a tasty addition to our creative program.

The above classes are included in our program for all the children at no additional cost.  The following classes are available to our students through outside instructors that come into our facility to offer classes.

Gymnastics is offered by Tumble Tots with Mr. Roby and meets once a week for a 45 minute group lesson.  The children have an opportunity to tumble on floor mats, jump over the horse, use uneven and parallel bars, and develop physical coordination.  Charges are available from Tumble Tots.

Dance (ballet and tap) offered by Dancing Feats staff also meets once a week for a 45 minute group lesson.  Simple dances and opportunities to move their bodies following oral directions help the children with coordination and attention.  The children also have an opportunity to perform at the end of the year.  Charges are available from Dancing Feats.

Please Note:  Enrichment Classes do occasionally change from year to year based on the interests of the children and the expertise of the staff.

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